Battery Powered


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Battery Operated

- 450 mm Blade Length

- Fixed Handle

Battery Operated

- 36v Li-Ion Battery

- 600 mm Blade Length

- Adjustable Handle

Battery Operated

- 36v Li-Ion Battery

- 550 mm Blade Length

- Remote Angle Adjustment

The ideal solution for anyone wanting to be environmentally friendly


With awareness of the affect that we’re having on the environment constantly on the rise, it makes sense that more people are becoming interested in battery powered hedge trimmers. Hastings Mowers stocks a number of battery models from some of the world’s leading brands to meet this demand.

Besides the environmental factor, there are a number of other advantages to be obtained when opting for battery powered models. They are far quieter than their fuel powered counterparts (so you can use them without disturbing the neighbours) and they don’t release emissions.

At Hastings Mowers, we stock battery trimmers to suit both residential and commercial users. They are capable of cutting through most types of hedge and shrubbery, and are ideal for a variety of purposes from backyard use to commercial maintenance in public areas where noise levels are of importance. The batteries offer the same level of power no matter their level of charge.