Mulching Mowers 6 Products

Has your lawn been looking a little worse for wear of late? A mulching lawn mower could actually help you to return it to its former glory. Mulching the clippings up and depositing them back onto the lawn can help to return nutrients and moisture to the soil.

Why should you buy a mulching lawn mower?

Good for your backyard

Mulching your grass as it’s cut actually enhances the growth and health of your lawn by reducing the evaporation of moisture and keeping the soil temperature cooler. It has also been suggested that mulched clippings can provide your lawn with up to 25% of its fertilising needs.

Saves time on clean up

Because the grass is being mulched and deposited by your lawn mower as it cuts, you will actually find that you get this chore done faster. You won’t have to stop every so often to empty the bag, and you won’t have to find the time to dispose of the clippings when you’re finished!