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Why should you buy a Multi Tool System with us?

Versatility and Reliability

We stock a great range of Multi Tool Systems, with a variety of attachments available. Multi Tool Systems provide you with the ability to undertake many different chores with just the one power head. Attachments available include line trimmer, hedgetrimmer, pole pruner, cultivator, blower, lawn edger and power broom. All of our Multi Tool Systems come with a great warranty and service back up.

Quality and Performance

We stock a range of brand options in the Multi Tool Sytems. Each of the brands, be it Husqvarna, Honda, Shindaiwa or Bushranger, are all quality manufacturers, with top performance and durability in each of their machines. Multi Tool Systems are suitable for the home owner, or for the serious contractor alike.

4 Stroke or 2 Stroke

We stock both 4 stroke and 2 stroke models in our range of Multi Tool Systems, the choice is yours.

Compact and Convenient

The Multi Tool System is a compact and easy to use tool ideal for minimising the hard work involved in garden maintenance. Just the one power head is all you will need, to do so many different chores. This means no more maintenance on a number of different engines, or remebering which fuel each machine uses.

FAQ about our Multi Tool Systems

What sort of Multi Tool System should I be looking for?

The Multi Tool Systems are all so convenient and easy to use, it really is up to you which you choose! There is quite a range of different attachments for each system, and a number of different power heads to choose from. Our sales staff are always happy to help you find the right Multi Tool to suit your needs.

What attachments do I need?

There is a great range of attachments to choose from. Many home gardeners will start with a line trimmer attachment and build their tool collection from there! You may have a particular chore you are looking to manage and we will be certain to have the attachment to suit. Contractors will certainly need a range of attachments to cater for the many different properties they manage.

Areas We Service

We are proud to supply Multi Tool Systems to the following Melbourne areas: Mornington Peninsula, Gippsland, Cranbourne, Hastings, Berwick, Somerville, Mt Martha, Frankston, Flinders and Rosebud.