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Engine Make
$224 was $249

- 1500W

- 6m Hose Length

- 130 Bar


- 1800W

- 8m Hose

- 140 Bar/2030 psi

$619 was $679

- 2300W

- 10m Steel Reinforced Hose

- 160 Bar/2321 psi


- 2400W

- 15m Steel Reinforced Hose

- 160 Bar/2321 psi


- Honda GX200 6.5hp engine

- 2200 psi (150 BAR)


- Honda GX270 9hp engine

- 3200 psi (250 BAR)

Why should you buy Washers with us?

Clean with Relative Ease

Many people put off cleaning jobs because they think it will take too long, but a high pressure washer will enable you to effectively remove dirt and grime from vehicles and even patio furniture with ease and without the threat of permanent damage.

Range of Pressures

We understand that certain tasks will require more pressure than others, which is why we stock washers that range from 2200psi all the way through to 3200psi. There is sure to be a washer to meet your specific requirements – we can help!


Detergent Injection Options

Many of the washers that we stock also have detergent injection options, which enables you to mix some detergent into the water as it is sprayed out. This will make cleaning your car a breeze, but will leave you with clean water to rinse later on.

Interchangeable Nozzles

Most of the washers that we stock come with interchangeable nozzles, ensuring that they are able to meet the application at hand. If your model doesn’t come with alternative nozzles, we will be able to source some for you from the manufacturer.

FAQ about our Washers

What sort of washer can I buy?

We have a range of washers available, including cold/hot water models, ones which dispense soap for you, and models to suit domestic or professional use.

Are pressure washer easy to move around?

Most of the pressure washers we stock are built for durability and convenience. They are contained within a sturdy trolley and are on wheels enabling you to move from place to place with ease.