Ride On Accessories

Looking for a cover to protect your mower from the elements? Or some earmuffs to protect your ears from the loud engine noise? We supply a range of ride on accessories that offer exceptional protection (for both machine and operator), as well as enhance your mower use.


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- Fully automatic charging

- Suitable for maintenance charging up to 100Ah

- Water resistent


- 300kg Capacity

- Large Heavy Duty Wheels

- Trailer or Barrow


- Ergonomically designed for premium comfort

- Designed to allow 20% adjustment


- Protects Your Seat From Damage

- Cushioned with Rear Storage Pockets


- Full Size Cover for Lawn Tractors

- Adjustable Drawstring

- Ventilation Holes

Why should you buy Ride On Accessories with us?

Efficient Mower Use

We have a number of accessories available, including battery chargers and trailers, which will allow you to use your ride on as efficiently as possible. Some of our accessories will also enable you to perform even more tasks with your mower, such as collecting clippings.

Operator and Machine Protection

Protection is a primary concern, for both the operator and your machine. Lawn tractor covers, ride on covers and seat covers (for example) will keep your machine clean, dust free and protect it from weather damage. Earmuffs will protect your ears from excessive noise.

FAQ about our Accessories

What are the benefits of using seat covers?

Because the seat is the most vulnerable part of your mower, UV and weather damage can be a real problem (not to mention everyday wear and tear). Our covers will help to prevent this damage; they’re also water repellent and cushioned for your comfort.

Do you also sell spare parts?

Whilst we do offer a repair and maintenance service for all ride ons, we understand that you might want to undertake this work yourself. We can source whatever spare parts you require, from belts to blades – either bring the old part in or tell us the part number.