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Engine Make

- Briggs & Stratton 127cc IC engine

- 430mm tine width

- Lightweight 37.5kg


- Briggs & Stratton 208cc 4.5kW Engine

- Forward & Reverse Gears

- Rear Tines

$819 was $819

- Honda 25cc Gen II Mini 4-Stroke Engine

- 230mm Tine Width

- FG110K1UT


- Honda GXV57 4-stroke Engine

- 545mm Tine Width

- Adjustable Handles


- Honda GX200 4-Stroke

- 600mm Tine Width

- FR750K3U

Why should you buy Tillers with us?

Counter and Forward Rotation

Many of our larger tillers come with counter and forward rotation capability, ensuring that you are able to cultivate the soil accordingly. The counter mode is ideal for heavily packed soil whilst the forwards mode is perfect for use during the season.

Practical Accessories

There are a number of practical accessories available to enhance your tiller experience, including: tines, aerator, lawn edger and cleaning brush. This provides you with many tools in one!


Transparent Fuel Tank

To help avoid running out of fuel mid job, many of our tillers feature a transparent fuel tank. This allows you to see when you are getting low, giving you plenty of time to add in more fuel. It also allows you to see any contaminants in the fuel.

Comfortable Handlebars

Each of our machines features comfortable handlebars that allow you to push the machine forwards with ease. Many models have adjustable bars for your height convenience. The padding also helps to provide protection against vibration.

FAQ about our Tillers

What is the difference between a tiller and a rotary hoe?

A tiller is usually a smaller machine designed to work on smaller gardens, where the soil has previously been broken and worked. A rotary hoe is a larger machine capable of breaking virgin ground and they often have counter rotating tines which helps to get through harder ground.

Can I use a tiller for other purposes?

Some of our tillers have attachments available including an aerator, edger and a brush.