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Engine Make

- Maximum Output 1000W/240 volt AC

- 8 amp DC

- Whisper Quiet Operation

- EU10IT1U

$1,999 was $2,099

- Honda GXR120 121cc Engine

- Inverter Technology



- Maximum Output 3000W/240 Volt AC

- Whisper Quiet Operation

- EM30K3U

$3,148 was $3,399

- Maximum Output 3000W/240 volt AC

- 12 amp DC

- Whisper Quiet Operation

- EU30IK1U


- Honda GX630H Engine

- Maximum Output 9000W/240 Volt AC

- Ideal For Residential Power Outages

- EM10000K1UH

Why should you buy Generators with us?

Power When You Need It

You never know when your home is going to experience a sudden power outage or when you’re going to be caught without a spare battery, so having a generator on hand will ensure that you have access to power when you need it most.

Long Range Fuel Tanks

Many of our generators feature long range fuel tanks, which means that they can operate for significantly longer periods. This is incredibly useful if you require power for extended periods of time, notably when you have a power outage or are running machinery.


Roll Over Frame

The presence of a roll over frame serves two purposes – it ensures that the generator won’t be accidentally rolled or knocked over (which could lead to serious damage or a power cut) and it gives you a handle in which to move the generator around.

Relatively Quiet Operation

Many of our generators have been designed with quiet operation in mind, allowing you to run them all night if required without worry that it will wake people sleeping in your home or your camping site.

FAQ about our Generators

What generator do I need?

You need to identify what equipment will be powered by the generator. Each piece of equipment or appliance will have a rating which will help to calculate the type of generator needed.

How big should my new generator be?

You need to choose a generator with at least the output you require for your equipment or appliances plus approx an extra 10%.