Catcher Mowers 10 Products

One of the great things about catcher lawn mowers is that they allow you to get some exercise in whilst you cut the grass. For every 1000 square metres of lawn that you mow, you will walk between 2 and 3km. A great way to skip your visit to the gym without feeling guilty!

Why should you buy a catcher lawn mower?

Quick and easy clean up

These mowers are equipped with a catcher at the rear that collects grass clippings as they are made. Once you are finished, all you will need to do is remove the catcher and tip the contents into your green bin. These clippings can also be used for mulch.

Avoid reactions and weed spread

Homeowners who suffer from allergic reactions to grass find that catcher models are a great choice, as they don’t have to come into contact with the clippings. They are also useful for preventing the spread of weed seeds from one area of your lawn to another.