Echo Hedge Trimmers


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- 21.2cc Engine Displacement

- 499 mm Blade Length

- Fixed Handle


- 21.2cc Engine Displacement

- 639 mm Blade Length

- Rotatable 5 Position Handle

Keeping your hedges and shrubbery in check is easier than ever

All Echo hedge trimmers have been designed to be perfectly balanced, lightweight and easy to control. This makes them the perfect choice for all sorts of users, from homeowners through to professional gardeners. You can rest assured that they will provide unmatched performance and reliability.

Operator comfort is also key to the design of these trimmers. Echo specialises in the manufacture of low vibration models, which makes them easier to use for long periods and minimises the numb sensation that is sometimes experienced after using machines that vibrate heavily.

Hastings Mowers stocks models with double-sided blades, ensuring that you can trim your hedges and shrubbery in any direction with ease. All Echo models feature laser cut blades, allowing you to get the exact level of precision you desire in every cut.