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Choose hastings mowers for ride on mowers in Berwick
Posted 16 May 2014 , by Cindy Shepherd category Ride On Mowers

We believe that there are plenty of reasons why you should choose Hastings Mowers if you are looking for ride on mowers in Berwick. Firstly, we have an extensive range of equipment on display at our awesome superstore. Secondly, we provide services and repairs to all makes and models of gardening equipment (including mowers). And thirdly, our helpful team is more than happy to help you choose a suitable machine for your needs. 

Quick & Efficient

One of the best things about choosing a ride on over a traditional mower is that it will enable you to mow the lawn much quicker. This is especially beneficial if you have a large property to maintain or if you constantly find yourself short of time – you can rest assured that your Berwick home will be kept looking its best without investing hours of your valuable time! The type of mower that you choose can also play a role in how quick the job is completed. 

Safe & Comfortable

We want to put our Berwick customers at ease regarding the safety and comfort that you will experience with one of our ride on’s. All of the padding used in our seats will provide adequate support and encourages natural posture, lessening the occurrence of back and neck pain. Many of our models also come with in-built safety systems, such as anti-rollover protection, which will keep you safe in the event that the machine rolls over. 

Stylish & Affordable

We understand that aesthetics and price are important factors for Berwick homeowners when choosing a new mower. This is why we have ensured that all of the models in our range are incredibly nice to look at – they all feature a clean design and attractive colours that are sure to get you noticed around the neighbourhood. They are also available at affordable prices, ensuring that you receive the machine of your dreams. 

If you have been searching for high quality ride on mowers in Berwick, we hope that you will choose Hastings Mowers as your supplier. Our showroom is open 7 days a week, so you have plenty of time to come in and check out our range for yourself (even take one for a test drive!). Our dedicated team is always ready and willing to answer your particular questions and lend a helping hand when making a tough decision between models.