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How To Clean Out Your Husqvarna Lawn Mower’s Deck
Posted 08 May 2015 , by Cindy Shepherd category Lawn Mowers

Have you noticed that your lawn doesn’t appear as clean cut as it used to? Before you start fretting that there’s something wrong with your machine or that your blades need a good sharpening, we recommend checking out the underside of your mower’s deck. REMEMBER: Always tip your mower with rear of the mower and handles directly back to the ground, not on it’s side. If dried grass has been allowed to accumulate around the blades, you’re definitely going to see a decrease in performance.

If there is a build up of grass clippings, you can use these instructions to clean out your Husqvarna lawn mower’s deck and get it back to cutting grass the way it did when it was brand new! We recommend doing this after every use.

Step 1: Ensure that your mower is on a flat, level surface to ensure that you can work on it safely. Your driveway or patio is perfect.

Step 2: Remove the grass catcher from your machine (if you have one) and close the discharge flap, so that the deck is completely enclosed.

Step 3: Locate the fitting on top of the housing that looks like a silver nozzle and attach your garden hose to it (it should just click over the top).

Step 4: Turn the hose on and check around the fitting for any leaks. A leak means that the hose is not properly connected or the fitting is damaged.

Step 5: Start your lawn mower and allow it to run until the underside of the deck is clean (this usually takes a couple of minutes).

Step 6: Turn your mower off. Then, turn the garden hose off and disconnect it from the fitting (watch out for the water in the hose!).

Step 7: Start the machine again and allow it to run for about a minute. This will ensure that any remaining water and grass is removed.

The next time you use your mower, we hope that you will see a much higher quality cut. If you are still experiencing problems, ensure that you book your machine in with our skilled mechanics to try and find the source.

Whilst cleaning your Husqvarna lawn mower’s deck yourself is pretty easy, it is dvised that you never simply run the garden hose underneath the machine (instead of using the fitting). For best results, you should use the instructions we have outlined above