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Why Choose Battery Operated Ride On Lawn Mowers?
Posted 22 Jul 2016 , by Cindy Shepherd category Ride On Mowers

If you’re in the market for a brand new ride on mower, you might be wondering what sort of operation is best. Although many people swear by their petrol powered models, battery operated ones are becoming an increasingly popular choice for a number of reasons. Want to learn more about some of these reasons? You’ve come to the right place!

Compact Design

Do you have a smaller size backyard or one with narrower spaces that are difficult to navigate? One of the great things about battery mowers is that they have a more compact design than their petrol counterparts, making them much easier to manouevre. Their smaller size also means that they don’t take up as much space when being stored.

Cost Savings

An often overlooked benefit, when your mower is powered by a battery rather than petrol you’ll never have to buy fuel again. As well as saving you money (let’s face it, petrol isn’t exactly cheap at the moment), this will ensure that you never go outside ready to mow only to discover that you’re out of fuel – just ensure that you charge the battery.

Low Maintenance

If you would prefer to spend more time enjoying your backyard and less time preparing your mower, battery operation could be just what you’ve been searching for. The lack of a combustion engine means that they actually require very little maintenance – you won’t have to worry about fuel, oil or belt servicing (which can be time consuming and costly).

Low Noise

These sorts of mowers are incredibly quiet, meaning that you can mow first thing on a Sunday morning without disturbing the neighbours or even whilst the kids are napping without fear of waking them. The engines operate at around 80 db, which is considerably lower than the 95 to 100 db emitted by petrol powered ones.

Zero Emissions

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly method of keeping your lawn in check, these mowers are perfect. They don’t actually release any emissions, ensuring that you aren’t adding to the pollution experienced around our major cities. On top of the environmental benefits, you’ll also be making the best choice for your health.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why battery operated ride on lawn mowers are continuing to grow in popularity. Many of the industry’s major brands, such as Husqvarna, are also starting to adopt this technology, which just goes to show that battery operation is here to stay. Hastings Mowers can help you to purchase a battery mower that ticks all of your boxes.