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Why you should choose hastings mowers for ride on mowers in mornington
Posted 15 Jan 2015 , by Cindy Shepherd category Location

Have you been searching for a supplier of high quality ride on mowers in Mornington but keep coming up short? The team at Hastings Mowers believes we can help! Our superstore is filled with gardening equipment, including mowers of all shapes and sizes, that is sure to meet your exact needs. Since being established in 1966, we have dedicated our time to finding and supplying the very best equipment on the market.

Zero Turn

One of our most popular ride on types is the zero turn, which is so named because it is able to turn around on the spot. This avoids the need to reverse and offers you superior maneuverability, which you simply will not find in the other types available. The large and widely set rear wheels on these mowers also mean that less pressure is placed on the surface of your Mornington lawn as you mow, which offers you a lower centre of gravity.

Lawn Tractor

This is the more traditional ride on type, which is so named because it resembles a small tractor. Many Mornington users compare the operation of these mowers to driving a car, as you are also required to use a steering wheel, a brake pedal and an acceleration pedal. We also offer models with additional features, like integrated collectors or side ejection chutes (which allow you to clean up as you mow and fertilise your lawn respectively).

No matter which type of ride on you ultimately choose, you will be able to ride in absolute safety and comfort. The padding used in all of our seats will provide you with adequate support (lessening the occurrence of back and neck pain) and the mowers themselves are designed with safety precautions in mind (including anti-rollover cages). Your Mornington property will continue to look its best all year round and you will always feel secure.

If you have been searching for ride on mowers in Mornington, we hope that you will drop into Hastings Mowers to check out our extensive range. Our amazing superstore is open 7 days a week, giving you ample opportunity to drop by and take a look at our mowers for yourself – we’ll even allow you to test drive one that you are thinking about buying! Our helpful team is more than happy to answer your particular questions.