Husqvarna 1.5 Litre Handheld Sprayer



Husqvarna sprayers are designed to meet the demands of both commercial and residential landscaping applications.

This 1.5 litre handheld sprayer is perfect for spot treatment, perfect for use around the home and garden. The pump is built into the handle for easy access and maintenance.Weighted dip tube allows you to spray at multiple angles and enables the ability to use up all of the chemicals in the tank. Features a pressure release valve allowing you to safely remove the internal pressure prior to opening the the sprayer to refill. Includes a brass adjustable nozzle for stream, cone, or mist and two flat fans suitable for multiple applications.

  • 1.5 Litre Manual Handheld Sprayer
  • Genuine Viton® Seals
  • Suitable For Spot Treatments Around Home & Garden
  • Pump Built Into Handle For Easy Access
  • Weighted Dip Tube Allows Multi Position Spraying
  • Pressure Release Valve
  • 3 Nozzle Kit Included