Husqvarna Aspire R4 Automower



This compact robotic mower offers a lawn cut to perfection 24/7. Carefree operation thanks to reliable mowing, automatic charging and frost guard. Optimised for small lawns up to 400m² with smart features to manage slopes of 25% and narrow passages down to 60cm. Easily adjust the grass cutting height. Adjust mowing schedules with the Automower Connect app and keep up to date on your mowers status. Easily cleaned with a hose and stored during the low growth months with the included Aspire wall hooks. This product includes the installation kit.

  • Li-ion Battery
  • 400m² ±20% Working Area Capacity
  • 16cm Cutting Width
  • 59dB (A) Guaranteed Sound Level
  • Automatic Passage Handling
  • Automatic Charging
  • 55L x 33W x 22H cm
  • 3 Pivoting Razor Blades
  • 20-45mm Cutting Height
  • Weather Timer
  • Frost Guard
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Smart Home integration
  • Automower Connect App
  • FOTA Firmware Update
- Domestic Use
- Rechargeable