Husqvarna Automower® Installation Kit


Husqvarna's Automower® Installation Kits include Loop Wire, Staples, Splicers and Connectors in different quantities and lengths, suitable for your garden. Available in small, medium or large kit sizes, ask our staff which is most suitable for you lawn.

Small - 9679721-01 $189.00 Includes Loop Wire x 150m, Staples x 300pcs, Splicers x 3pcs, Connectors x 5pcs

Medium - 9679722-01 $259.00 Includes Loop Wire x 250m, Staples x 400pcs, Splicers x 3pcs, Connectors x 5pcs

Large - 9679723-01 $389.00 Includes Loop Wire x 400m, Staples x 600pcs, Splicers x 5pcs, Connectors x 5pcs