Masport President 2500ST S19 84V Combo 565725


The Masport President 2500ST S19 Combo cut & catch or mulch lawnmower is packed with features to make your mowing easier. This 2500ST features the Masport M-TECH ELi  1.5kW brushless induction motor with load sensing technology, combined with 19" heavy duty Crossfire steel chassis and Masport 2 blade disc system, giving you a versatile mower which produces an outstanding cutting performance.

  • Masport M-TECH ELi 84Volt Motor
  • 19" (485mm) Cutting Width
  • Crossfire Heavy Duty Steel Chassis
  • Masport 2 Blade Disc System
  • Tough HDPE Plastic Catcher
  • Comfortable Upturned Handle
  • Handle Lift System
  • Camlocks For Quick Release Handle Fold Down
  • Cut, Catch & Mulch
- Rechargeable
- Landowner Use
- 5 Year Warranty