Yamaha EF3000iSE

was $4,785


The ultimate generator on wheels, the EF3000iSE is capable of producing clean, quiet, high quality electricity around the home, caravan or motor home and even on the construction site or market stall. The EF3000iSE is capable of running up to 20.5 hours at 1/4 load with Economy Idle On, without refuelling. Features include an electric starting system for effortless start-ups every time, as well as an optional wireless remote start/stop kit that works up to 10 metres away.

  • 3KVA Inverter Generator
  • 4 Stroke OHV Engine
  • Electric Circuit Breaker
  • Oil Warning System
  • Auto Decompressor
  • Independent Fuel Tap
  • Brushless Alternator
  • DC Output Capacity
  • Spark Arrestor
  • Noise Block™
  • Fuel Gauge
  • Twin Tech™
  • Electric Starter
- 4 Stroke
- 4 Year Warranty