Authorised brand dealer

Hastings Mowers are proud to be an authorised and service experience dealer for Allpower products. This means that we can also offer service and support, expert advice and ready-to-use product setup as well as the product sales themselves.

Suitable for all applications

Allpower products are split into three categories – HomePro, Landowner and Professional – ensuring that you will be able to find a shredder to meet your specific needs. We can help you to choose which of these categories you belong in.

Incredibly safe products

Every shredder manufactured by Allpower has been designed with the safety of the operator and the general public in mind. Whenever you use one of these products, you can do so with the knowledge that you will be protected from injury as best as possible.

Exceptional warranty coverage

All of the shredders manufactured by Allpower are covered under an exceptional warranty that covers both the unit and the engine. It is important that your product has been registered to ensure that the warranty is valid; Hastings Mowers can assist.